Rajani Subramanian - Experienced Biomedical Engineer

About Rajani Subramanian

A senior manager at a major health engineering firm, Rajani Subramanian has extensive experience in engineering and program management for the medical device industry.

Previously, Ms. Subramanian served as the program and engineering manager at a major healthcare manufacturing company, working on design and development of surface coils used in Magnetic resonance imaging. Her prior experience also includes work at the University of Alabama as a research assistant.

During her time as a research assistant at the university, Rajani Subramanian's publications include a study with Chad M. Corrigan and Michael A. Miller in which she examined the fertilization process in the female reproductive tract in conjunction with oocyte meiotic progression and sperm presence.

Rajani Subramanian received her bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from the University of Mumbai. She earned master's degrees in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering from the University of Alabama. In her leisure time, she enjoys cooking, hiking, traveling, and practicing yoga. She also takes part in Indian classical dance.